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The upcoming EP "Into Blue" will be released on August 4th 2017.
For press inquiries and EPK contact Kim@kgmusicpress.com

From the dark yet upbeat spaghetti western flavored song "You Shot Me" to the lush cello and piano of "Stumbling," Andrea Stray's music will take you on a journey down the dusty roads, through the desert and into the dive bars where women talk about life, heartaches, men, and roads traveled. Andrea's music has been compared to artist's like Neko Case, Lera Lynn, and Cowboy Junkies.

Andrea Stray is a San Francisco based musician who plays piano and guitar. Her music has been described as Folk Rock with a dash of Americana and Lounge Pop. Andrea lived in many different places while growing up including Tucson, the Rocky Mountains and the foggy shores of California. Especially drawn to Tucson where the open spaces and mystery of the desert have shown up in her songs. She learned to play guitar on her father's old Gibson guitar and has written songs most of her life. She has played with several bay area bands and likes to work with other musicians on their projects whenever she can. She performs live with a full band or sometimes as a duo.

After spending time in Austin and Nashville, she was lucky enough to record her debut album "Vacancy" with top notch players in Nashville (listed below). Some of the players have performed with the likes of Willie Nelson, Slaid Cleaves and Cowboy Junkies. Andrea says, "I like to write songs where the melodies and tone of the instruments help tell the story. The musicians were amazing and very in tune with the mood of each song."

Capturing a desolate feeling, the title track "Vacancy," tells the tale of a man looking for redemption in all the wrong places. Eventually he mistakes a motel for a church, but in his mind he is redeemed...and isn't that all that matters?
David Henry's cello adds the low sizzle to the song "Desert Rain." Here Andrea describes living in Tucson: "People try to tell you about the desert heat/ but it is something so hard to believe.. /Playing music under starlit skies/ Drinking whiskey and sometimes champagne/ Just waiting for the desert rain."

Told with dark details, the song "Damaged" is a haunting story of two people bound together by life's scars: "Damaged people are never really free/ I guess that's why someone like you found someone like me." During the music solo you hear the piano and guitar intertwined like the slow dance of sad lovers.

This is music you can take on a long drive and get lost in the rhythms, textures and stories.